Interest Subsidy Educational Loans




Central Sector Scheme for Interest Subsidy on EL (CSIS)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Member Banks


Q 1: What is CSIS?

A: The Central Government has launched a new Central Scheme to provide interest subsidy during the period of moratorium on educational loans for students belonging to economically weaker sections (with parental income from all sources up to Rs.4.5 lakh per annum). The Scheme is effective for all educational loans as per IBA model EL scheme, sanctioned to eligible students in respect of courses in technical and professional streams from recognized institutions in India, disbursed from the academic year 2009-10. The details of the Scheme have been hosted in the website of Ministry of HRD as well as IBA. (MoHRD : and IBA :

Q 2: If student who has taken the education loan of more than Rs.10 Lakhs whether he is eligible under this scheme?

A: Yes, However subsidy is limited for limit/liability up to Rs.10.00 lacs only. For this purpose,
please view IBA Circular dated 19.05.2001 Click Here and
IBA Newsletter of June 2011 Click Here

Q 3: What are the Eligibility criteria?

A: The eligibility criteria are as follows-

  1. This scheme is applicable in case of students with parental income from all sources up to Rs.4.5 lakh annually.

  2. It’s applicable only for loans extended for pursuing Technical and Professional course.

  3. Student should submit the Income Certificate obtained from designated authority to concern Bank branch from where he/she has taken the loan.

  4. The list of Income Certificate Issuing Authority (State-wise) is provided in the previous page.

Q 4: Whether loan sanction before 01/04/2009 is eligible for the subsidy?

A: Yes, But only to the extent of the amount which is disbursed on or after 01/04/2009.

Q 5: What is the procedure to send the claim (Other Banks to Canara Bank)?

A: We have created a dedicated web portal for this purpose i.e.:

The member Banks are to upload their claims in the said dedicated web portal only. We (Canara Bank/Nodal Bank) are not accepting any other mode of claim (Hard Copy/Email/CD etc).

Q 6: Whether any modification is being done by Canara Bank in the data uploaded by the member Banks?

A: No. We only forward the claim to the Ministry of HRD, Government of India as uploaded by the Member Banks after consolidation at our end.

Q 7: How to return the excess amount claimed under the Subject Scheme?

A: The execs amount is to be remitted to our Govt. Business Branch , New Delhi, by way of RTGS / NEFT to the account 3525101000279 with IFSCode CNRB0003525 and the details of refund to be submitted in the below mentioned format.

Sl No


Name of The Branch



Refund details







Reasons for Refund


Claim for Financial Year

Account No

Amount in (Rs)


Please guided by the Agenda No. 1 of minutes of IBA Sub-Committee dated 20/01/2012. Click Here

Q 8: What is the format of the file which is to be uploaded by other Banks on to lodge their claim?

A: The member banks are required to upload 2 files viz. Master file and Claim file in the Web portal.
Data File format for Master file:

  • One record for education loan account
  • Each record will be line sequential – each field delimited with '^'.
  • Trailing spaces should be removed
  • The file name shall be YYYYMMDD (Bank Code).MST


Data File format for Claim file

  • One record per eligible loan account per Year
  • Each record will be line sequential – each field delimited with ‘^’
  • Trailing spaces should be removed
  • The file name shall be as under:


Type of Claim

File Name format

Primary Claim

Supplementary Claim



For any clarification related to the file format/Uploading issues kindly contact the following person


Contact Persons:
1. Mr.Sankaranarayanan L

Contact Number:
Ph: 080-25584611

Q 9: Can member Banks upload the claim of the student who has not submitted the Income Certificate?

A: No, it is necessary for the student to obtain the income certificate from the designated authority and should submit the same to respective Bank’s branch for coverage under the Scheme, it is advised that member Banks should process claims as per extend norms.

Kindly note that student has to submit Income Certificate only once when the first claim is lodged. He need not submit it again for the subsequent claims.

In case any Bank uploads the students claim without getting the income certificate and without ensuring eligibility, it will be responsibility of the respective Bank only.

Q 10: Whether Canara Bank require any document from member Bank’s in respect to the claim lodge?

A: Yes, in respect to the claim lodged by the member Banks we require following documents-

  1. Letter to be obtained from other Banks. (Click to download)

  2. Cerificate and undertaking

To be submitted by the Head Office of the Bank only once for each claim.

Q 11: What are the details to be submitted by member Banks to get USER ID & Password?

A: We require the following information from Member Banks to generate USER ID & Password. (Click to download)