The Bank recognizes the pivotal role played by multi institutions in various parts of the country in Social development. The Bank has extended its collaborative approach towards achieving the common cause in the society.

Society for Educational and Economic Development.(SEED)

Canara Bank through its Centenary Rural Development Trust has been extending support assistance to SEED , a voluntary organization at Sriperumbudur in Tamilnadu. The association is involved in looking after the welfare of children of life convicts, terminally ill patients and orphans. SEED has assisted about 535 such children so far.

Canara Bank Jubilee Education Fund (CBJEF)

Canara Bank Jubilee Education Fund (CBJEF) was set up by Canara Bank in the year 1956, with the objective to cater to the educational needs of the student community. The fund has a well developed Book Bank containing more than 14000 books of professional courses. The facilities are offered free of cost. It has a reading room facility for reference purpose. It provides books on loan basis returnable on completion of annual exams. The fund provides merit scholarships to the needy students. The fund also organizes study tours in coordination with other agencies. The fund has developed a digital library.

Canara Bank Relief and Welfare Society (CBR&WS)

The Bank has sponsored and is associated with the society since 1961.The Society is running a well equipped 200 beds hospital with state of art facilities to provide affordable medical care. The society also provide shelter and care to destitute children and old age people, training in para medical services, home health care, foster care, adoption services and runs Braille  centre for visually challenged people.