"Unified Payment Interface" (UPI) is a single interface across all payment systems. It is one platform for transacting through Multiple Bank accounts which lets you transfer money immediately and works 24x7.

Yes, Canara Bank is also tiding towards Digital Money.
Canara Bank is enabled on UPI. Our Bank's UPI application is named as 'EMPOWER' .

All you need is a smartphone with data or WIFI connectivity and bank account(s) linked to your mobile number. Most importantly, you need to have MPIN (same as used in Mobile Banking) to transact through UPI. In case you have not registered for Mobile Banking, you can "Generate MPIN" for your Bank account through EMPOWER without having to register for mobile banking separately.

Presently the maximum amount that can be transferred through UPI Rs. 1,00,000/- per day per user.

There is no lower limit. Even decimal amount is acceptable in UPI.

There is no limit on the no. of transactions. There is limit only on the maximum amount (Rs. 1,00,000/- per day).

UPI rides on IMPS channel which is available 24*7*365 and ensures instant credit.

UPI supports all latest Android Phones. Recommended Android version is 4.4.4 & above. It will be extended for Windows and IOS phones subsequently.

Each Bank has its own mobile Banking Application. When a user has accounts in multiple Banks, he/she has to download the mobile banking applicaion of all those banks. Whereas in UPI, any Bank Customer may download and use the UPI Application of any Bank enabled for it. The user may then add all his/her Bank accounts under one App and transact from/to any of those accounts.

Yes. Any Bank customer can download & use this application and transact without necessarily having an account with Canara Bank.

EMPOWER works for all banks that are on the IMPS platform who are live on UPI platform too. However, customers of every bank in India will be able to receive payments (through Payment options other than the Virtual Payment address[defined below]) via EMPOWER, provided the beneficiary bank is live on UPI.

UPI provides high level of interoperability viz., it provides a liberty to the customer to use any Bank's application and add multiple Bank accounts to it to transact. With UPI you can not only transfer money but also collect money that helps in sharing of bill amount on occasions with peers, recover debts and merchant payments. It available "round the clock" and is easy to operate with very little input details.


Any bank customer including Canara Bank Customers can register for EMPOWER provided, the mobile number is registerd with their accounts and has the following account types:
a. Savings Account.
b. Current Account with sole proprietorship.
NOTE: Registered mobile number is one which is updated and linked with customer ID or bank account number of the customer. User needs to be necessarily registered for Mobile Banking of the respective banks.

1. Download EMPOWER - Canara Bank's UPI application from google play store and install the same.
2. Click on Register button on first page.
3. Fill in the required fields including security questions. (Remember your security questions and answers, as the same will be essential for retrieving password in case you forget the same.)
4. The same page gives you the option to create password. (This password is your application login password).

Done! You can start using EMPOWER.

Yes. The application automatically detects dual SIM at the time of registration and requests you to choose the SIM to send the request and register for EMPOWER respectively.


The virtual payment address (VPA) is payment identifier which basically holds an account no. and IFSC at the backend and masks the credentials from being exposed. It takes the format of an email id viz., a user defined identifier with the banks extension Eg : abc12@cnrb. The extension appended is App specific. Here @cnrb pertains to the UPI application of Canara Bank. The user may have several accounts added under UPI. The accounts need to be linked to a VPA to transact using VPA. The user shall share only the virtual address with the other party/merchant and the transaction could be completed in no time.

Yes. You may link multiple accounts to the same virtual address. The amount shall get credited to primary account linked with that particular virtual address.

Yes. You may have different virtual addresses for each accounts. The choice is open to the user.

Once a Virtual address is deleted, you will not be allowed to create the same virtual address for the next 2 years. You may have to create a different one.

The Application will display an error message as "Invalid Virtual payment address". You will have to enter the correct virtual address and the app will validate the same and display the name of the beneficiary/remitter.

The reason could be either of the following:
1. You have multiple accounts with different customer IDs in that particular Bank chosen by you. (For UPI, for each bank you must have all accounts e mapped to one customer ID)
2. Even though you have multiple accounts linked to one Customer ID in a Bank, You may get this error because you may have one or more joint accounts linked to it. (UPI is available to accounts which are operated on individual capacity only)

In such case where the system detects it as a failed transaction, your money will be automatically reversed . In case there is no auto reversal, you may log a dispute in the option : Menu--> profile--> log a dispute. The same willl be attended.

No. You can transact using other payment options in addition to VPA such as :
Mobile No. + MMID
Account No. + IFSC
Payment using Aadhaar No.

These payment modes also result in instant credit to the beneficiary.


You can send and also receive money through EMPOWER. For receiving money you need to have the virtual address of the remitter (This also includes payment to merchants such as Bigbazaar, Starbucks etc). In addition you have other facilities in the Main Menu such as : Generate OTP, Generate/Change MPIN, log a dispute, Change your password etc. Bill Payment facility may also be expected to come*

PUSH transaction is when you wish to send money to someone. PULL transaction is when you wish to collect money from someone.

As of now Canara Bank is not charging any transaction cost to the users.

A. The respective Bank should be enabled on UPI.
B. The mobile No. which is used for this app should have been registered with the respective accounts.
C. Valid MPIN should be available.

MPIN is Mobile Personalized Identification Number. it is a 4-6 digit number set by user in mobile banking application of the respective banks application. Alternatively, you may set MPIN through EMPOWER as well. Every transaction in UPI is authenticated by the MPIN.

EMPOWER works on the IMPS platform which is an instant fund transfer system (24x7x365). Thus all transactions shall be completed instantaneously.

A unique feature about UPI is that it allows instant funds transfer through an advanced yet simple payment mode called the Virtual payement address*. UPI is available 24*7*365 days unlike RTGS/NEFT which are bound by a time frame.

Yes. You may choose any one of the payment options listed in the Application and make payment. The easiest of them all is the payment made through Virtual address.

You need not mandatorily maintain beneficiary lists. However, for ease of operation you may save the frequently transacted beneficiaries in the option: Main menu--> profile--> my beneficiaries--> enter the nickname and VPA and set limit for the beneficiary. You may select the beneficiary under pay money option at the time of transacting.

At the time of registration, EMPOWER will ask you to map an account as primary account among the list of accounts mapped to a Virtual payment address. In case you wish to close this primary account you can do either of the following:
1. In case only this account has been linked to the the virtual address, delete the same and add afresh and link the new account as primary.
2. In case multiple accounts are mapped to a Virtual address, go to My Banks---> select the Virtual address, the various accounts will be listed under it. the primary account will have a star (*) on it while the other accounts will have a bullpin.
Tap on the bullpin to make that account as the primary account.

The transaction will not be processed as no account will be retrieved with that virtual address unless the beneficiary maps an account after closing the primary account.

It is as simple as sharing the virtual payment address with the merchant and the merchant shall send a collect money request to complete the payment without having to type Card details or wait for OTP.

No. UPI Transactions do not require an OTP. Each transaction is authenticated using the MPIN (as used in Mobile Banking) and also dual authentication mandated by RBI. So each transaction is more secure than one could imagine.

Yes, an SMS will be sent to both the parties involved and also the App gives a confirmation on successful transaction.


This option gives you the freedom to link accounts of various Banks (Banks which are enabled on UPI) to the Virtual Payment address(VPA) created. The same option allows you to create a new VPA as well.

Login into Application-> Add Banks-> Select Virtual Payment Address -> "Link your Bank" --> choose the bank. The accounts under that Bank will be retrieved by the application. "Submit" to add Banks.

This option lists out all virtual Payment addresses created by you. It enables you to view all the accounts added to EMPOWER application. The same option gives freedom to delete the VPA as well.

This allows you to send money to the beneficiary. Select VPA--> select Bank--> tap "Add Payee" --> choose the payment mode--> enter the required details of the beneficiary and tap "apply"--> tap "Next" confirm the details and tap "pay" and complete the transaction by entering the MPIN.

You can request or collect money from another party through this option.
Select your VPA--> Select Bank--> enter the VPA of the beneficiary--> enter the amoung and set the validity of the payment --> tap "Next"---> tap "confirm" .

This option shall list all the Collect money requests received which are to be processed (approve/reject). Tap on the transaction --> tap on "+" sign --> select approve or reject to process the transaction --> enter the MPIN and complete the payment.

This option shall enable you to view all types of transactions (Debit, Credit & Others) by enabling you to choose the period for which the transactions needs to be displayed.


If you forgotten the password you can tap on "forgot password" option in the login screen, Answer the secret questions set at the time of registration and set your password by fulfilling the password rules defined for UPI password.

The Login password must be alphanumeric (consisting of atleast one Capital letter, one small letter & a number) with a special character. Length of the password must be minimum 6 characters.

Three consecutive wrong attempts would block the application. You need to tap on forgot password and follow the procedure to login afresh.

There is an option in Menu---> My accounts--->Generate MPIN. You need to enter the VPA of the account from which you wish to initiate the transaction, Then enter the last six digits of your Debit card number and expiry date. You will get an OTP, enter the OTP and set your new MPIN.

Login to the Application--->Profile--> My details--> "change password". Follow the rules laid down for changing the password and set the same.

There is an option in Menu---> My accounts---> Change MPIN. Enter the old MPIN, then set your New MPIN and submit.


After entering the Virtual Payment address(VPA), Please wait for the same to be validated by the App. Once the VPA is validated you will know the actual name of the beneficiary.

Please contact our Toll free no.* 18004250018 and de-register EMPOWER.

In case you lose your mobile, it cannot be misused by anyone unless the person who gets possession of the mobile knows the Application Login PASSWORD and MPIN. Users shall not share their MPIN and LOGIN PASSWORD with anybody. The same needs to be kept confidential for self-guarding from fraudsters.

Please Login in to the App. Choose Help---->De-register. The Application will prompt you to confirm once again before proceeding ahead.

In case of change in handset, you have to download the App once again from playstore, register yourself by answering the secret question previously set by you.The App allows you to continue with the existing Virtual address, while it creates the new Device Hard-binding.

In this case, you have to uninstall and download the application from Google Play store and once again complete registration procedure so as to form the device hard binding. You need to add Bank accounts the with new virtual addresses. The earlier Virtual addresses cannot be used for further 2 years.


A change in mobile number would require you to give the new number / Update the number with your Issuing Bank. you have to delete the existing application and download EMPOWER from Google play store once again and complete the registration process. You need to add Bank accounts once again with new virtual addresses. The earlier Virtual addresses cannot be used for further 2 years.

There is an option in Menu---> Profile---> Log a dispute. You may log your complaint in this option and it will be attended.

For transactions within Canara Bank, the complaints will be resolved by a maximum of 3* days . When it involves other Banks it shall be resolved within 3-7* Days.

The matter will be taken up as per Compliance redressal method involving Arbitration procedure as laid down by the regulating Authority.

You may call on our Toll Free number 1800-425-0018.
alternatively you may even mail on :

The User Manual of the Application is available in our Bank's Website ( under the Link "EMPOWER". You may refer to the same which has the narration of each option with screenshots.

Please Note:

The above FAQ may be updated as when there is a change/modification in the guidelines issued by the Regulatory Authority.

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