• Free Personal Accidental Insurance with Rupay Platinum Debit Card.
  • Free Rental for One POS terminal.
  • Free Rental for One BHIM QR Sound Box.
  • Unlimited Free Locker Operations.
  • Free SMS alerts.
  • Free Personalised Cheque Books.
  • Auto sweep facility available.
  • Free Five DDs per month.

Purpose Current Account for Start-ups recognized by DPIIT and having DPIIT registration
POS Terminal Rent - Free
BHIM QR Sound Box Rent Free
SMS Alerts Free
Cheque Book facility Free 500 cheque leaves/annum
Demand Drafts Free 5 Demand Drafts per month.
Debit Card – Platinum Debit Card Rupay Platinum Debit Card. Personal accidental insurance cover available as an in-built facility under Platinum Debit card (existing coverage ranges from Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 8 lacs for self / spouse).
Locker Operations Unlimited free
Auto sweep / Reverse Sweep Auto sweep facility available
Product Convertibility Existing current account can be ported to this product, if it is recognized as Start up by DPIIT and having DPIIT registration.

  • Current Account for Start-ups recognized by DPIIT and having DPIIT registration.

  • Application in the Banks’ prescribed form.
  • Proof of Photo ID and address as per KYC Norms and other relevant documents related to business / profession.
  • Specimen Signature Card.
  • DPIIT Registration Certificate.
  • Copy of PAN Card or Form 60/61 (if customer does not have PAN Card).

Minimum Balance Requirement Quarterly average balance ₹ 25000 & above
Non Maintenance of Minimum Balance Charge of ₹1500/ plus GST per Quarter for the quarter of non-maintenance. If the Balance required is not maintained for more than a Quarter the freebies will be withdrawn.
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