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It is an exclusive credit card scheme for individual tenant farmers and farmers without proper land records. It is used for financing the following :

  • Cultivation of crops
  • Post-harvest /household /consumption requirement
  • Repairs and maintenance expenses of farm assets.
  • Crop insurance.
  • All tenant farmers including Share croppers / Oral lessees
  • Farmers cultivating lands under contractual arrangements with land owners, not by way of complete leasing.
  • Farmers cultivating land without proper land records.
  • Farmers with tiny land holdings.
  • Any other type of farmers who are cultivating lands and cannot be brought under our regular Agricultural loan Schemes.
  • Should not be a defaulter to other Institutions.
  • Finance is to be extended to only one person from a family.
Quantum As per Scale of Finance, Maximum quantum is Rs. 50,000/-
Margin Nil
Security Hypothecation of Crops.
Repayment Period Running limit – Tenable for 12 months.
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