• Individuals.
  • Sole Proprietary Concerns.
  • Partnership Firms.
  • Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Hindu Undivided Family.
  • Private and Public Limited Companies.
  • Public Corporations.
  • Registered or Unregistered Societies or Associations / Clubs.
  • Trusts/Provident Funds.
  • Executors and Administrators.
  • Government/Semi-Government Bodies etc. Departments, Taluk/ District Boards, Local.
  • Charitable and Religious institutions.

Minimum Balance

Rs.1000/- in Rural, Rs. 2000/- in Semi-Urban, Rs.5000/- in Urban & Rs. 7500/- in Metro cities

Periodicity of Deposit:

Running (Operative) Account


Not eligible for interest


Not Applicable

Nomination facility

Available for Individual Accounts, Joint Accounts, Proprietorship Accounts. Not available for accounts held in representative capacity viz., partnerships, Joint Stock Companies, Associations, Clubs and other organizations

Other Facilities

Debit Card for individuals, Pass Sheet, Standing Instructions, Collection of local and outstation Cheques, SMS Alerts, Internet Banking*, etc

  • Application in the Banks’ prescribed form
  • Identity proof, Address proof, Photos, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Commencement of Business, Partnership Deed, (wherever required) Certificate of Incorporation and Board Resolution, Registration Certificate (in the case of a registered concern), Certificate / Licence issued by the Municipal Authorities under Shop & Establishment Act etc. Proof of Photo ID and address as per KYC Norms
  • Specimen Signature Card
  • Photographs of depositor’s
  • Other relevant documents related to business / profession

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