• Free Personal Accidental Insurance with Platinum Debit Card.
  • Free Rental Free POS terminal.
  • Unlimited Free Locker Operations.
  • Free Cash Handling Charges.
  • Free SMS alerts.
  • Free Personalised Cheque Books.
  • Auto sweep facility available.

Purpose Elite segment customers maintaining quarterly average balance of Rs 5 lac & above
Cash Handling Charges Daily Cash Handling of 10 lakhs with upper cap of 1 cr in month.
Facility available at any Branch/Kiosk/BNA.
For denomination of Rs 100/= and above only.
POS Terminal Rent - Free
SMS Alerts Free
Cheque Book facility Free 700 cheque leaves/annum
Demand Drafts Free 5 Demand Drafts per month
Debit Card – Platinum Debit Card Rupay Platinum Debit Card with free issuance & nil AMC charges to One Beneficial Owner. Personal accidental insurance cover available as an in-built facility under Platinum Debit/ Credit card (existing coverage ranges from Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 8 lacs for self / spouse).
Credit Card Free Issuance
Locker Operations Unlimited free
Auto sweep / Reverse Sweep Auto sweep facility available for balance above Rs. 5.00 lac
Product Convertibility Existing current account customers of our Bank can convert their account to this product without changing their account number, for availing the attractive freebies.

  • Elite segment customers maintaining quarterly average balance of Rs 5 lac & above.

  • Application in the Banks’ prescribed form.
  • Proof of Photo ID and address as per KYC Norms and other relevant documents related to business / profession.
  • Specimen Signature Card.
  • Copy of PAN Card or Form 60/61 (if customer does not have PAN Card).
  • Photographs of depositor’s. (2 Copies)

Minimum Balance Requirement Quarterly average balance ₹ 5 lac & above
Non Maintenance of Minimum Balance Charge of ₹2,000/ per Quarter for the quarter of non-maintenance. If the Balance required is not maintained for more than a Quarter the freebies will be withdrawn.
Account closed before one year ₹2000 penalty+ service charges
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