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  • WhatsApp Banking No. 90760 30001
  • User (Customer/ Non-customer) shall save the above Mobile Number for WhatsApp Banking.
  • User shall start the journey of WhatsApp Banking duly initiating the chat by typing “Hi” or “Hello”.
  • User shall get Terms & Conditions & should accept.
  • On completion of the registration process, user will get Thanks message for accepting Terms & Conditions.
  • User to type “Main menu” to avail all our WhatsApp Banking Services.
  • User shall receive a Welcome message for WhatsApp Banking and available services shall be displayed under “All Services”.
  • User can select the services which you desire and can get the service.
  • Any vital information request will be replied based on OTP authentication.
  • The services are designed with end-to-end security encryption to protect user’s sensitive financial data.

1.What is the Canara Banks WhatsApp Banking services number?


2. Whether user has to register for WhatsApp Banking?

Yes, User has to save the WhatsApp Banking number & send a message as “Hi” or “Hello”.

3. Whether user can register for WhatsApp Banking from any other Mobile Number not registered with Canara Bank Account?


Non-Banking customer/new customers can access all the available services of WhatsApp banking services like EMI Calculator, RD Calculator, loan interest rates, deposit interest rates, apply loan features, Canara Calendar etc.

Existing Canara Bank Customers can access all the available services of WhatsApp Banking. However, to avail WhatsApp Banking services related to Accounts, Unique mobile number must be linked to unique customer id. If mobile number is linked with multiple customer ids, existing customer cannot access WhatsApp Banking services related to Accounts.

4.What is the user journey for WhatsApp Banking?

User has to save the WhatsApp Banking number 9076030001 & on sending a message “Hi” or “Hello” user has to accept Terms & Conditions. On accepting the Terms & Conditions, the registration process will be completed and user shall receive message to type “Main menu” to avail all services under WhatsApp Banking. Upon typing and submitting “Main Menu” customer shall receive welcome message for WhatsApp Banking and available services shall be displayed under All Services. For getting services relating to customer account related details, customer has to register through the registered mobile number available in bank account.

5.How many services can I get through WhatsApp Banking?

As of now Bank is providing 18 non-financial services, subsequently other facilities will be added.

6. Can I get my account balance through WhatsApp Banking?

Yes, you can get the account balance after validating the OTP.

7. Can I open Savings Bank account through WhatsApp Banking?

No, the service yet to implemented under WhatsApp Banking.

8.Which types of accounts are eligible to avail services through WhatsApp Banking?
  • Fully KYC complaint accounts.
  • The Customer has registered its Mobile Number with the Bank.
  • The customers having a satisfactory running Savings/ Current (only proprietorship)/ Over Draft/ Cash Credit account with the Bank.
  • The Customer is a resident of India and is present in the territory of India at the time of utilization of the Services;
  • The Customer is a non-resident India (NRI) or is residing outside India.
  • The Customer is non-resident India (NRI) & residing in India on vacation.
  • Account of individual/s including Staff and NRI.
  • Joint account/s where operation condition is severally – Joint or First (JOF) or Joint or others (JOO)
  • Non-Individual customers such as Proprietorship firm
  • Non-Customers will be provided limited services such as locate branch/ATM etc.
  • The Customer is of sound mind, solvent and competent to contract.
9.Which types of accounts are not eligible to avail services through WhatsApp Banking?
  • Joint accounts where operation condition is other than severally.
  • Account/s of illiterate persons.
  • Account/s under Court orders/ Attachment orders.
  • Dormant Account/s
  • Frozen account/s for various reasons like disputes, litigation etc,
  • Unsound mind, Insolvent & not competent to contract.
  • Minor accounts represented by guardian.
10. How to deregister WhatsApp Banking?

Presently Deregister option is not available. Buts same shall be available shortly.

Can NRI customer register WhatsApp Banking using foreign Number?


12. As per MEITY policy and GOI policy regarding data localization, all data pertaining to Indian government entities should reside in servers hosted in India. As per my understanding, META servers are not hosted in INDIA. Please confirm that your service adheres to the GOI and MEITY guidelines regarding data localization rules."

Meta does not store any messaging data longer than it is required for the message to be sent to the recipient. WhatsApp does not store messages once they are delivered or transaction logs of such delivered messages. WhatsApp’s servers store undelivered messages in encrypted form for up to 30 days and if a message is still undelivered after 30 days, WhatsApp claims to delete it.

Reference: https://www.whatsapp.com/legal/privacy-policy - look for section ‘Undelivered Messages’

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